“Sarah has shown great design strengths and grew into her role with ease. She has a strong sense of responsibility and takes initiative. She followed systems and met her deadlines where it was required. She kept improving over time and was eager to learn and took comments and advise on board. She adapted very well to her environment and worked well under pressure. Sarah shows great potential as a designer and has the needed creative flair. She worked on various projects over her time here. We are an IT Distribution company in NZ who distributes over 5000 different products in NZ and AUS. This is vast number of products to manage and a wide variety of brands to familiarise yourself with. Sarah did great in this respect, even though the amount of information to take on was enormous, she always kept a positive attitude. “

“She is an amazing young woman with an even more amazing attitude. She was a pleasure to work with every day and an absolute asset to our team and she will be greatly missed. We wish her only the best and we know she will absolutely enhance any design/marketing team.“



“From initial conversation I was very impressed by Sarah's professionalism. She was clear to talk to and had a nice relaxed, yet professional approach. She really encapsulated the idea I was looking for and produced a clean and stunning design very promptly. Amazing work and can't wait to use her skills again in the future”